Pottery classes available Tuesday through
Thursday at my studio located in the Arden
area of Sacramento, California.  I have four
high powered wheels, an electric klln for firing
mid-range, a 24 cubic foot cone ten (I fire to
cone5) updraft, Raku kiln, pit Fire pit, and lots
of storage.  Through my classes we can
explore some really unique styles of firing such
as the ones I listed, and in addition to that, I
have great throwing techniques, alongside
sculpture techniques too.  My skills vary from
advanced throwing techniques, to hand
building, and altering forms from the wheel.   I
offer classes to any level, whether beginner,
intermediate, or advanced.  Rates may very
according to your level, and amount of
production.  This price of the class you select
will include, all of your materials, clay, tools to
use, firing costs, and most glazes.  We have
lots of options and directions that we can
explore, and it will be up to you, which direction
you would like to go.  Beginners will leave my
class with a good foundation of the pottery
wheel.  One this is for certain, you will have
Private lessons
4 sessions (each 2 hours)                                                       $350
2 sessions  (each 2 hours)                                                      $
Group Lessons  (two or more people up to four)
4 sessions (each 2 hours)                                                     $29
5 each person
2 sessions (each 2 hours)                                                     $2
20 each person    

I come to you Parties (10 or more people) or you come to my Studio for Kids or adults.  

1 day session           (2 hour minimum)                                  $1
50 an hour
                                                                                        $10 material fee per person

note: All of my classes include firing costs, clay,  glazes, so all you will need to do is
show up with some creativity.  You need to discover the possibilities of clay, but I must
warn you it is very addicting.     
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Raku Firing example
Some of my old students at work
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My Studio is located in the Arden area of Sacramento, CA
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Lessons are closed April1st -Nov. 1st