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Artist Statement
Chris Efstratis

Clay is the medium I choose to express my self in.  My
background with clay developed on the potter’s wheel, but
there is something that draws me to manipulating forms from
the wheel, and turning a vessel into something other than a
vessel.  Pottery is still an interest to me, and usually my forms
are traditional, with a splashed on Raku design, pit fired in the
earth, or high fired functional ware.  Faces interest me,
whether they are sad, funny, outragous, and it is the character
of the individual I seek.  Reactions from people viewing my
work can range from comments like, that impairs my vision,
scary, human like, comical, what were you thinking, that is
offensive, to beautiful.  Such a wide range of comments are
said about my work due to the movement I create in a still
sculpture.  My work can be a stretched form of reality, frozen
into stone, which can cause a physical reaction with people
viewing my work.  Multiples of human parts can be found in
one of my head sculptures, such as three sets of eyes and or
two mouths.  In addition the proportions could be all out of
wack so one of my pieces has the capability of confusing the
mind due to our preconceived ideas of what a head looks like.  
My work is usually on the larger side with elongated heads up
to about six feet tall, with top hats and smaller neck tie bases.  
Most of my sculptures are very colorful with bright bold colors,
and shadows of cool colors.  Some of my pieces have
underlining meanings due to their action or character, but
sometimes I just like building something just because it is fun,
and I have no idea what I am going to make but just start out
by getting my hands into the clay until something dawns on
me, perhaps accidentally.  Music is another aspect of my work
that is relevant.  My sculptures are similar to jazz due to the top
hats, and the movement in the faces, which can be so random
it makes a sound like jazz.  My work is constantly changing,
and fresh new ideas are relevant in the vastness of my work.  
Overall I want to leave the viewer with some type of reaction
whether it be positive, negative, physical, or mental.  After
viewing my piece I want them to go home thinking about art
and what art can be, which in my mind is anything.   
Artist Resume
Chris Efstratis

Born and Raised in the suburbs of Sacramento.  Discovered art in
High school, and had a very inspiring art teacher, which lead me to
continue studying art. When I first discovered art it was so
refreshing because there were very few rules, and this was very
different than any other subject in school I had ever taken.  I began
taking ceramics courses and then followed with glass art, and then
my mediums spread all around the circle in college from wood
working, metal, glass, and paint to anything I could find to express
myself with.  The pottery wheel was very exciting to me, but a vase
can only say so much.  I have always been the loud personality
type, so it was just natural for me to start altering forms from the
wheel into something more than just a vessel so that I can begin to
say something with my creations..  This is when I started making
heads out of vessels, which have evolved into large busts, and
abstract cartoon like characters.  Traveled through Europe and
Japan, viewing artwork from all over the world.  Inspired by Peter
Voulkos, Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso, Jun Kaneko,
Chooley, Otto Dix, Expressionist movement, Dada group, Paul Klee,
Robert Arneson, California Funk movement, and my fellow art
students and teachers in college and high school.

Bella Vista High Sacramento CA 1996-2000
San Francisco State University San Francisco, CA
Bachelor degree in Fine Art (emphasis in Ceramics and Painting)

Walnut Creek Art in the Street-2007
Strawberry Festival-Oxnard CA 2007
Juan Carlos Garcia- Joint show 2007
Arts in River Park- 2007,2006
San Francisco Contemporary Crafts Market-2007                
Empty Bowls- Fundraiser for the needy 2005,2006, 2007
Richard Tolmach Gallery- Solo Show March 2006, November 2006
Marin Art Festival- Juried art Festival June 2006,
Greek Art and Wine Night Fundraiser- Solo show November 2006
Mojo’s hair salon- solo show February 2006
El Camino High school Gallery: March 2006
Phoenix Gallery- ongoing shows September 2006- present
Alpha Fired Arts- solo show December 2005
Greek Food Festival- September 2004.2005.2006
Fremont Art and Wine- July 2006
California State Fair- Demonstrating and display August 2005.2006
Pinkies Hair Salon- second Saturday shows June 2006, November
San Carlos Art and Wine- Juried art festival October 2006
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